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We curate best workspace setups from real people on Internet and share it straight to your inbox every week! As simple as that.



We have builded the best community for Workspace setup discussion, ideas and tips so you don't have to search the web!


Every week, we sends out best workspace setups we come across, alongside best price to purchase them!


I love to do this, so this is all free of cost! We can all drink coffee together over Zoom or IRL. here's my BMC link




Since COVID, my go-to places are r/Workspaces, r/battlestations/ and lurking on the Internet to decide for my next purchase to upgrade my home workspace setup! I finally bought my current Dell Monitor after recommendations from Kerala Product Hunt community. I understood that I am not alone in this journey, so creating this community for likeminded folks! 

Each week, I will be mailing out my supporters with best workspace pics across the Internet along with killer price deals!

Join the Telegram community, share your workspaces, and get inspired by others, network with each other. Let's build a positive and fun community on the Internet!


- Felix
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