Clean & Minimalist Desk Setup

This week we have Vadim Bozhko, sharing his clean and Minimal desk setup.

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Minimalist and Clean Setup by Vadim Bozhko

"Be intentional about why you are buying it. I normally prioritise need, function and aesthetic. If it doesn't meet any of those 3, I don't buy it."
clean desk setup with accessories

Accessories on the Desk

  • Ugmonk Gather
  • Japanese pens
  • Braun Dieter Ram’s calculator
minimal setup ideas

Simple & Clean 

  • Hasami porcelain coffee mug
  • OHTO horizon pen
  • Muji notepad
  • Macbook Pro for Keyboard
workspace setup ideas

Clean Keyboard

  • Samsung 4K P2715Q display
  • Lamicoll phone stand
  • Bose QC2 headphones
  • Lelabo Santal 33 cologne
clean desk policy while working

How has COVID effected your life (positively and other way)

It has shown me the value of going outside.

What are you doing to stay focused?

I have a simple to-do list I create every morning on my notepad. I set my mind on the 3 main priorities I write that morning.

How long did it to take to set this up(approx)

2-3 Hours

Clean Desk Setup

Thanks Vadim Bozhko for taking the time to share your home office setup with us. Hope this will inspire more people working from home to take an inspiration when setting up a clean and minimalist desk setup! 

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